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Michou Gemstone Necklace105042JPG


Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Necklace with African Amethyst, Imperial Pink Topaz, Rhodolite Garnet, Rainbow Moonstone and White Pearl

Birth Month Rose - February - Amethyst24k02


Full 12 inch height. Birth Month Lacquered Roses Trimmed in 24 Karat Gold. If you're looking for a truly unique gift to reflect the birthstone of that special person, the birth month lacquered rose is for you. Each one originates as a real rose and its color is altered to reflect the birthstone color of each month of the year. We've also found that many choose these roses for other than a birthday gift because they match the color of their home interior decor. The birth month rose is presented in a beautiful gift box.

Michou Wide Band Gemstone RingMICHOU_114035


Contemporary wide band free form sterling silver ring with 22K gold accents set with blue topaz, amethyst, peridot and rhodolite garnet.

Fashion Ring001-200-01590


BELLARRI R6330/M Lady's Yellow 14 Karat Contemporary Fashion Ring Bellarri's "Collection of Ultimate Color" 28=0.13tw Round Diamonds one Baguette Amethyst one Baguette Blue Topaz one Baguette Iolite one Baguette Tourmaline one Baguette Garnet one Baguette Citrine one Baguette Peridot Colored Stone Total Weight = 4.10 Size 7

Michou Gemstone Ring132015JPG


Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Ring with Rose Quartz, Rhodolite Garnet and African Amethyst

Michou Gemstone Earrings105041JPG


Sterling Silver and 22K Gold Vermeil Earring with African Amethyst and Rhodolite Garnet



Lady's Yellow 14 Karat Stud Earrings With 2=4.00Mm Round Amethysts



3mm Round Amethyst Earring Studs

Fashion Ring001-200-01587


Lady's Rose 14 Karat Contemporary Fashion Ring Size 7 42=0.21tw Round Diamonds 2=4.05tw Various Shapes Black Mother Of Pearls 2= Various Shapes Citrines one Various Shapes Rhodolite Garnet 2= Various Shape Mozambique Garnets 2= Various Shapes Amethysts one Various Shapes Iolite one Various Shapes Blue Topaz Total colored stone weight = 2.30



COLORE SG LZP506-AM Sterling Silver, 18K Gold and Purple Amethyst Pendant. A delightful sterling silver and 18kt gold pendant with a 9x6 mm amethyst center.

Fashion Ring001-200-01422


Frank Reubel Designs Lady's White Sterling Silver Fashion Ring With One =2.00Ct Round Amethyst And 2=0.10Tw Round White Sapphires Size 6.5



Frank Reubel Designs Lady's White Sterling Silver Drop Pendant With One = 3.50Ct 10mm Trillion Cut Amethyst (Does not come with chain)



Michou Lady's Two Tone Sterling Silver and 22Kt Vermeil Matte' Finish Cuff Bracelet With Stones, 2= Pear Amethysts, 2= Cabochon Amethysts, 3= Round Peridots, One Marquise Peridot, 3= Round Rhodolite Garnets, One Round Blue Topaz



Frank Reubel Designs Lady's White Sterling Silver Earrings With 2=3.00Tw 7mm Trilliant Amethysts Earrings



Lady's White 14 Karat Stud Earrings With 2= Round 5mm Amethysts



Lady's White Sterling Silver Bracelet one 0.50ct Pear Garnet one 0.50ct Pear Citrine one 0.50ct Oval Peridot one 0.50ct Pear Blue Topaz one 0.50ct Pear Amethyst 1.12tw Round White Topazs

Fashion Ring001-200-01499


White Sterling Silver Halo Ring With One 1.50Ct Round Amethyst And 38= Round White Topazs

Fashion Ring001-200-01610


Colore Lady's White Sterling Silver Band Fashion Ring Size 7 With 5= Round Amethysts