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Jewelry Education

Jewelry 101

Jewelry Education - the Four Cs of Diamonds, Gemstone Guide, Birthstone Guide, Jewelry Glossary, and Ancient Lore and Legend behind Gemstones - Enhancery Jewelers in San Diego, CA

Before knowing anything about jewelry, purchasing that special something can be intimidating. That's why we're here: to educate you about the value of the fine jewelry. Aside from the value of design, it is very often that rarity determines a piece's natural value. Let the jewelry experts at Enhancery Jewelers teach you about the four Cs of diamonds, the colorful world of gemstones, how the price of gold affects the market, and everything in between.

Are You Getting Married?

Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding bands can be found at Enhancery Jewelers in San Diego, CA

If you are planning that special wedding day, Enhancery Jewelers has a wonderful collection of engagement rings, wedding bands, semi-mounts, and loose diamonds to choose from. Our staff is here to help you find what you need and make an informed jewelry buying decision. Need assistance? Contact us today.

Choosing the Right Ring

Choosing the best mounting for your diamond when getting engaged - Enhancery Jewelers in San Diego, CA

With all the possible ring styles, finding the perfect ring can be time consuming. The jewelry experts at Enhancery Jewelers can help you choose among a variety of design elements such as settings, patterns, filagree, engraving, or finish, we can help you find your treasure that will last a lifetime.

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How to Choose the Right Diamond

Finding the perfect diamond for your engagement ring at Enhancery Jewelers in San Diego, CA

Before making an informed diamond buying decision, you should know a little about the 4Cs of diamonds: color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Determining which factor holds the highest value for you will help you find exactly what you want, while staying in your budget. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask our diamond experts at Enhancery Jewelers.

Need Help Popping the Big Question?

Fun and modern proposal ideas when popping the question - courtesy of Enhancery Jewelers in San Diego, CA

Being possibly the most important question you will ever ask in your lifetime, you may want some ideas to make your experience a memorable one. Enhancery Jewelers has a few modern and fun ideas to help you pop the big question to the one you love. View some of our proposal ideas.